MNRANK 2020 Season 1

Announcing the second version of MNRANK, covering the first season of 2020. As with everywhere else, our season was cut short by coronavirus, making this a weird season without a whole lot in terms of big events outside of Frostbite. Nevertheless, after a whole reminder of how this thing works, I’ll proudly present the top 50 Minnesota smash players in the ranking season covering tournaments of at least 24 players from between 1/1/2020 and 3/10/2020, the final Dinky Dojo before social distancing began in earnest.

From last season’s explanation (you can read the full thing here)

The way it works is that we first compile the Bracket Score with the help of the site on which we store every single bracket of at least 24 players or more run in the state. The formula to calculate this is weighted by attendance with multipliers to give further significance to regionals (like Papercut) or PGR events (like Overextend). Points are awarded for placements as follows (and I did include any non-weekly out-of-state event in the calculations, even though they do not appear on the Braacket):

The mathematically inclined will notice it follows a simple pattern: Placement value = 1000/x where x is the number of people left in bracket when you were eliminated (9th is top 12, so 9th gets 1000/12 = 83, with rounding). I may tweak this for further seasons, but I was happy with the results after running that portion. That number is then multiplied by the number of entrants and the tournament multiplier and then divided by 100. For example, then, winning a 50-person GameWorks weekly was worth 500 points, and getting 7th was worth 62.5. At Overextend, which had 234 entrants, 7th was worth 125 * (234/100) * 3, the PGR event multiplier, which comes out to 878 points — more than winning a typical weekly, which I think accurately reflects the importance of that event (the single largest smash bracket ever ran in MN) to our scene.

Bracket Score heavily rewards attendance. Showing up constantly and finishing 9th or 17th will be worth more than showing up just a few times, even if those few times result in top 4 finishes. To account for that issue, I added a second ranking, Win Score, which uses Bracket Score to value wins for the season. The Win Score is simply the average Bracket Score of a player’s 10 best wins for the season. Players from out-of-state were accounted for here, with a subjective value used to fit their respective strength.

Jackie’s note: This season, to try and eliminate noise from flukes/top players going secondaries, I cut out everybody’s top 2 wins from this calculation, making win score an average of your 3rd-12th best wins.

From there, I simply averaged the two scores, and Voila!, we have MNRANK!

Without further ado, here are the rankings for 2020 season 1! With three months of play covered by this season, three tournaments were required to qualify for the ranking.

1. dB | Yeti 13773

2. Loaf 5548

3. Lucky 5020

4. Skorpio 4744

5. Zubat 2221

6. Cookietic 2211

7. KingOfWizards 2123

8. BL | Visitor 1894

9. Failbot 1761

10. Balanced 1721

11. Grady 1547

12. NameLess 1120

13. PK 997

14. Disco 901

15. dB | Jackie Peanuts 850

16. Red 832

17. DNA 811

18. JStrudel 612

19. Aero 610

20. awert 564

** ** **

21. teakay 519

22. Dwn4theKaz 490

23. DatDerpDog 475

24. Jibca 473

25. mom 381

26. Drip 363

27. Aura Wolf 358

28. Chess 350

29. Caravan Puff 345

30. Shark 326

31. Krooze 319

32. Natu 295

33. Kreem 259

34. JustHANO 256

35. SeanVGM 248

36. Mazlow 244

37. Throne 233

38. CaNon 204

39. SilverPC 187

40. YOWCHIE 181

41. Fishbowl 181

42. Joy 176

43. Oljace 172

44. Kden 171

45. Alphamew 154

46. Rayn 149

47. TacTac 148

48. mow 142

49. dabberoni 131

50. Guwi 129

It was particularly difficult to differentiate players at the lower end of this ranking this season due to how short it was, so don’t fret too much if you’re not where you wanted to be just yet. For now, you’ve got plenty of time to practice, so get to it! I’ll be in touch with the top 20 about voting for the official season 1 PR soon!

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